CANON PowerShot SX50 HS の後継機は光学100倍ズームで発売される?

噂話 ほんまに~

今年の夏頃に発売されるらしいPowerShot SX50 HSの後継機!


カメラの名称はPowerShot SX100になるのかもしれませんね?


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The future of the SX line?
Canon has patented a 100x zoom lens for compact cameras. It has a focal range of 3.6mm to 340mm. With the crop factor of 5.2 for a 1/2.3″ sensor, that’s about an 18mm-1768mm lens!
I’ve always thought 50x zoom wasnt enough in my bag, this is going to solve those issues! I expect to see a new SX series camera or two announced for CES 2014 in Las Vegas next month.